Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wishlist Wednesday #2

Again, I'm taking part in Pen To Paper Wishlist we go:

From The New Yorker editorial review on Amazon:

Fallada wrote this novel in twenty-four days in 1947, the last year of his life; he was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and had just been released from a Nazi insane asylum. The story is based on that of an actual working-class Berlin couple who conducted a three-year resistance campaign against the Nazis, by leaving anonymous postcards at random locations around the city. The book has the suspense of a John le Carré novel, and offers a visceral, chilling portrait of the distrust that permeated everyday German life during the war. Especially interesting are the details that show how Nazi-run charities and labor organizations monitored and made public the degree to which individuals supported or eschewed their cause. The novel shows how acts that at the time might have seemed “ridiculously small,” “discreet,” and “out of the way” could have profound and lasting meaning. 


lovely treez said...

I reviewed this last year, it's called Alone in Berlin here in the UK - fabulous book and so interesting to hear views from the perspective of the ordinary German people - frightening times.

SazzyMCH said...

If I remember rightly, I think it's on my wishlist based on your review! I'm torn between wanting the "real" book or the E version, and whether to buy it or get from the library.......decisions decisions!