Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A new school year....

We are well underway in the new school year.  The boy is now in 1st Grade and seems pretty happy.  His new teacher is nice and he likes her so there's no complaints from me!  We've changed our hometime routine - he now walks with the "walkers" and one of the teachers sees them out of the school and across the first 2 roads - then he's on his own, but I can see him from the top of our street.  So far so good - the first day he was so pleased at having crossed the last road alone that he came charging towards me screeching "I did it, I did it".  I do love him!

Along with school, all the other activities have kicked in - swimming, Little Gym, and now, Cubs................oh to be 6 and have such a great social life..........he and Dad spent last Saturday morning at a Cub event where he got to shoot BB guns and bow & arrows.............lord help us.

Lastly - he became the first 1st Grader to achieve 5 Accelerated Reader points this school year.  The AR programme works by assigning library books a reading level and points - once the child has read the book he can take a test on it and receive points.  Once they reach 5, they get given a paper cowboy boot (well it is Texas!), put their name on it and stick it on the 5pt marker outside the library.  Each grade is colour coded so you can see at a glance who is from which grade.  He is VERY happy to be the first white one!

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lovely treez said...

Great stuff, well done young man and proud Mummy! We're gradually settling into some sort of routine thank goodness. :-)