Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moon Over ManifestMoon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool
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Loved loved loved this.  Picked it up when I was helping in the school library as the cover attracted me - then when one of the 3rd Grade teachers saw it in my hand told me how much she loved it I was sold.

Young Abilene comes to the town of Manifest in 1936 - sent by her father (who lived there as a child) to stay while he was away working - and finds herself drawn to the towns past through a boxful of letters and mementos, and the town medium Miss Sadie.  Abilene is trying to understand her father and through tales of the past, founds out more than she could've imagined.

Just a great YA tale about life in a small American town at 2 of the worst points in history - World War One and the Depression of the 1930's.  Like any small town (apparently) it is full of quirky characters - some you love, some you hate.  Vanderpool did a great job of weaving the tale - it would have been easy to get confused with which time period you were in, but I never felt lost.

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