Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This is why I love Twitter.....

I know there are alot of Twitter nay-sayers out there, but sometimes things happen on that microblogging site that are just brilliant.  A recent example is @Riotcleanup - an account created to help communities affected by the awful scenes in London come together to repair their boroughs.  Within hours they had thousands of followers and accounts for other cities affected had sprung up.  Social media at its finest.

Then tonight, I stumble across a tweet directing me to an account that is busy retweeting peoples dating nightmares.  This guy spent 3 hours or so recounting other peoples HYSTERICAL tales in 140 characters and less............it took on a life of his own, and in the process he gained hundreds of new followers.  This is why I love Twitter.

So, for your reading pleasure - especially if you need a giggle - here are the best of those nightmares - kindly collated by the man responsible!

Dating Nightmares - A Twitter Tale -

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