Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm going to moan,,,,,you have been warned.

Is my body slowly but surely crumbling around me???  I've had terrible knees for years - probably down to playing netball for too long - but have got used to this, although it does come back to bite me now and again, most recently when I tried Body Pump at the gym and was in agony with squats and lunges.

I spent a good portion of 2010 with a badly sprained ankle.  A totally innocent accident which resulted in sprains to both the inside and outside of the ankle.  The fact that my parents were visiting at the time, it was the childs birthday the day I did it, and I went to a concert 5 days after all meant it didn't get the rest it needed and took 7 months to heal "properly" - I still feel it every now and again and if I run on the treadmill (admittedly a rare happening!) it doesn't like it!

Then in March of this year I hurt my back whilst helping Luke to ride his bike.  It's taken a while but it's pretty much back to normal, although I can still feel that pesky sciatic nerve now and again!

And now - I did warn you - I have an incredibly painful neck and left shoulder.  I thought it was our cheap pillows causing the issue, but I've switched to a memory foam pillow (not one of those contoured ones - I can't sleep with them - a regular one) and it's not helped.  If anything, it's worse...................what the heck is going on?!?!  I had a massage last week and have been putting heat on it as recommended, but nothing, zilch, nada.

I know my problems are minimal, but they're mine and I'm FED UP!

Thanks for reading............................sorry!


Ellie said...

I feel for you...I have generally bad knees (genetic) and sometimes completely cripple my neck in my sleep. Not often but it's pretty bad when it happens. Hope you feel better for your rant :)

SazzyMCH said...

I do Ellie! Sore all over this morning so being utterly lazy, finding a comfy spot and doing very little!

Dizzy C said...

Hope you feel brighter soon.

I too have a bad neck. A memory pillow helps a little.
I now watch my reading position and how I sit at the computer.

I did see a blogger mention that her neck pain was caused by how she read