Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Because It Makes My Heart Beat FasterBecause It Makes My Heart Beat Faster by Peter Michael Rosenberg
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was originally published back in the mid-'90s but has been released for Kindle and because it was 99c I downloaded it.  The premise really appealed to me - man wakes up in the night to find a gunman in his house..............just my kind of thing (I was thinking it may be like a Simon Kernick/Grant McKenzie thriller) but I feel really let down.  Most of the story is flashback - and there doesn't seem to be any connection (unless I'm missing something) between these and the present.........I kept thinking that eventually the two would tie together but they didn't, and then it just ended....

The language used in the book was a little off-putting.  The book is (mainly) set in London yet there are words used by the author that are American (vacation/high school) and were jarring - it really stood out and distracted me from the reading experience, and there was also alot of foreign words in italics - WHY?  I can tell a foreign word when I see one, I don't need it to be written in a different way!

This author has a new book coming out soon but I'm really not sure whether to give it a go or not.  This book had so much promise but just failed to live up to the first few chapters.

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Lisa said...

Found your blog via risi (lisa1301) and I love it. Love this book review as I had seen this and I am a Simon Kernick fan. Think maybe I'll give it a miss. Sounds like its similar to a tv show in America when they give the person a UK accent but they don't know the UK mannerisms/language.

SazzyMCH said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for taking the time to read the blog - it's much appreciated xxx