Saturday, January 29, 2011

An update on the weight...!

Since rejoining Weight Watchers towards the end of last year I've lost a total of 13lbs.  I'm really pleased but the weight I am now is the weight I was when I first did Weight Watchers in 2003, which just proves that the lack of exercise due to the bad ankle through much of last year cost me dear!

Weight Watchers have introduced a new programme called Points Plus (I think it's Pro Points in the UK - why do they call them something different?  Seems ridiculous to me..........) which I really like as fruit is FREE..........completely and utterly free.  Makes such a difference!  Lots of people have been moaning and groaning about it, but I have complete confidence in the people at WW HQ who design the plans.  Lets face it, when they first introduced the points programme in the "olden days" I'm sure there were lots of complaints about that, and look how successful it's been!

I've found lots of WW based food blogs which has been a total blessing, and it's also expanded my range of recipes - much to Chris and Lukes joy.  In fact, Luke declared one dish "scrumptious" - high praise indeed from a 5yo.  Here are links to two of them: and

I don't know yet what I want my goal weight to be, but I know I want to lost at least the same helps that I'm actually enjoying the gym at the moment (Thank you Apple for inventing the Ipad which means I can read and listen to music at the same time!) and have discovered hula hooping!

So that's where I am.  Let's hope I can get to where I want to fact, let's hope I can figure out where I want to be!

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lovely treez said...

Yay, Sarah, you're on the right road. I must admit to being rather crappy about my diet at the moment. I think I need to do more exercise, the older you get (said Granny!!) the slower your metabolism gets, sob sob..