Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ooh, a new book list....

.......from Richard & Judy. I've never been a huge fan of theirs, but their book club has been a huge success and made many authors instant stars just because their books get to have a shiny Richard & Judy sticker on!

Anyway, tomorrow (today if you're in the UK) sees the publication of the new list - check it out here. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing what's on it - my reading habits have become much more diverse over the last few years (take a bow my fellow members of www.readitswapit.co.uk ) and I'm willing to bet there will be something on it to make my wishlist even longer than it already is..............

Come back and let me know what you think of the list!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Starting School

The boy started "big" school today - Kindergarten at Carson Elementary. It's been a long time coming as he would have started last year in the UK, and although he was in full time pre-kinder last year, it wasn't the same as being in a "real" school.

He was full of beans this morning and got dressed with no issues at all - long may that continue! He said his stomach was hurting, but he says this whenever we do something new, so I know it's just nervous excitement. The school was full of parents taking photos - the kids now know what it feels like to be Posh & Becks with cameras following them wherever they go! It was lovely to be able to take pictures all around the school. It just wouldn't be allowed in the UK which is such a shame.

Anyway - he's all settled, and I'm off to the library and Starbucks!

(Oh - I decided on The Virgins Lover by Philippa Gregory as my next read)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer is over........

Well officially summer doesn't end until after Labo(u)r Day (Sept 6th), but school starts on Monday and that's about as final an ending as you get! The boy is finally starting "big" school and last night we met his Kindergarten teacher Miss Craven - I think he's going to have a great time at Carson Elementary - the mascot is the Carson Cowboy and he has a school "spirit" tshirt ready for Monday.

So, where did the summer go and what did we do? As I failed miserably to provide any posts about our trip, I'll just provide some highlights:

  • Monterey Bay aquarium
  • Day trip to San Francisco
  • Messing around on the Santa Cruz beaches
  • Luke becoming ever more confident in the water
  • Toobing down the Guadalupe River with a beer
  • Visiting friends in Las Vegas
  • Discovering Las Vegas is so much more than The Strip
  • Basketball and Baseball matches

So, I would post some pics but I can't figure out how to get them in the middle of the post - that one at the top is us at Red Rock Canyon in Vegas. A wonderful stunning place. If anyone can offer some advice on how to get photos in the body of my post, that would be great!

Ok reading - I've read alot of books in the last 2 months, but am currently on The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Schaffer & Annie Barrows . I had only the vaguest idea of what it was about even though I had it sat on my TBR pile for around a year. I suggested it as my book groups summer read, and am glad to say that I am loving it. I'm ashamed to say, that while I knew the Channel Islands were occupied during WWII, I knew very little else, and I'm hoping that my American friends who are reading it have learnt something too. I have a feeling that they may have some questions for me when we meet next month!

I don't know what I'm going to read next................I quite fancy Under The Dome but Chris is reading it and he's headed over the pond in the morning and I'll be ready for something before he gets back! Watch this space..................