Thursday, October 07, 2010

NefertitiNefertiti by Michelle Moran
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Oh I loved this!  I came to Moran via Cleopatra's Daughter, and went looking for other books by her - Nefertiti is her first novel.  I think this is the most historical book I've read (in terms of "years ago") and what I found interesting was how the power struggles within family and how lines of alliance could change in a heartbeat are so similar throughout history (The Romans, the Tudors etc).

I know very little about Nefertiti, and how much of this book is fact is unknown as so much is unknown about her.  However, Moran did a good job in making her characters jump off the page and I really felt for her younger sister - thrust into the limelight against her will and better judgement.  I am now itching to know more about Ancient Egypt and will be googling it as soon as I'm done here!

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