Monday, September 13, 2010

Labo(u)r day Weekend

So Labo(u)r Day has been and gone so apparently summer is over - but as it's still 35deg C outside, I refuse to believe it!

We headed up to Waco (3 hours North of us) for the weekend, taking advantage of the day off school and work for the boys.  I don't think it's a place we would have headed too if we didn't have friends who are from a town just South of there so have told us abit about it.  All I knew in advance was that it had a small zoo (which my friend Heather raves about!), was home to Baylor University and that it had the oldest suspension bridge west of the Mississippi

So, my ankle wasn't great but we made the most of it - we ate good Mexican and Italian, spent plenty of time in the hotel pool and the boys visited the Mayborn Museum - it's part of the Baylor campus and has plenty of hands-on discovery type things, and is currently home to a Lego exhibit, which Luke was very excited about - and best of all, when they got there on the Sunday afternoon - it was free.  Result!

Turns out Waco is also where Dr Pepper was invented (who knew!) and they have a little museum dedicated to the fizzy drink.

It wasn't very big, but it was worth a visit, if only to visit the old-fashioned soda fountain and have an ice-cream float!

And then the zoo - what a little gem!  It's small - but brilliant.  We didn't see everything as my foot was protesting towards the end, but we did get to see (in no particular order) lions, giraffes, hippos, snakes (urgh!), meerkats (simples!) and many others.  Now, I HATE snakes, but Luke insisted I come into the reptile house with them - Chris has taken some photos but I refuse to look at them and be reminded of the huge horrid things.  I've been shuddering while typing!!!!

The zoo also had lots of little areas for the kids to play in - one area had things to jump on and they made cymbal type noises.  In the playground there was a little splash area which (as we were leaving) we let Luke go in and boy, did he make the most of it!  Absolutely wet through - but totally content!

Before we came home on the Monday (I wanted to go via Ikea but knew it wouldn't be a popular idea!) the boys took me to a bakery they'd been to the day before.  It was gorgeous and I plan on going back to buy some of their fruit cakes to take home to my parents and Nana for Christmas.  Unfortunately, I was having a really cra**y day and didn't enjoy it the way I should have done - the ankle is getting me down and some days are better than others, but that's a story for another post!

I really liked Waco - like a lot of towns, there's alot of empty lots and buildings and could do with some regeneration.  However, there is also lots to do and lots of really nice places to eat...........I think that it's great that the University is there as that generates alot of traffic through the town.  If you're ever nearby, it's definitely worth a stop.

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