Friday, September 17, 2010

The dreaded ankle............

I was at the docs on Weds for the results of my MRI.  I"m not sure how I feel about them, as there was nothing more sinister than confirming that I sprained it (both inside & outside the ankle) and the damage is consistent with that.  That's great, but it makes formulating a healing plan difficult.  If I had a hairline fracture (or something along those lines) it would make it easier to deal with as there would be a clear picture of where we go next.

I was also feeling abit frustrated with my Doc as he didn't really seem to be getting that I was frustrated and he didn't seem to have any real ideas about what to do.  Essentially, I need to stay off it as much as I can, and it seems that the act of moving the foot is what is causing the pain (I think this is part of the healing process and the ligaments are protesting when I walk).  He mentioned crutches - which I have said no to in the past - and this time I said I may be willing to consider them, but then he said I could have a walking boot (like a cast, but velcro so it can be taken off as needed) which would immobilise the foot totally.  So off I went  to the orthopedic brace shop where they had me in and out in 10 mins, and this is what I have:

I should be in line for some physio as well which if nothing else should help me with getting the last bit of mobility back...........Luke thinks the boot is brilliant............I just think it's a pain!

Fingers crossed.

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