Monday, August 23, 2010

Starting School

The boy started "big" school today - Kindergarten at Carson Elementary. It's been a long time coming as he would have started last year in the UK, and although he was in full time pre-kinder last year, it wasn't the same as being in a "real" school.

He was full of beans this morning and got dressed with no issues at all - long may that continue! He said his stomach was hurting, but he says this whenever we do something new, so I know it's just nervous excitement. The school was full of parents taking photos - the kids now know what it feels like to be Posh & Becks with cameras following them wherever they go! It was lovely to be able to take pictures all around the school. It just wouldn't be allowed in the UK which is such a shame.

Anyway - he's all settled, and I'm off to the library and Starbucks!

(Oh - I decided on The Virgins Lover by Philippa Gregory as my next read)


DizzyC said...

Bless him.
My little one (3 in Sept) started pre-school a couple of weeks ago and is, at the moment, excited to go to school.
I do agree, it is just way too much here in UK. Photos are not allowed. I could take pics of my older kids in their school play or sports day 8 years ago. I agree with that policy in a swimming pool setting or where it is not parents/guardians taking pics. I am surprised as I thought it would be the same where u are.

Do hope your little one keeps up his enthusiasm for school.

SazzyMCH said...

Thanks Carol! He seems pretty happy going into week 2...........