Friday, April 09, 2010

A Quick Books and Weight Update....

I've realised I've been very lax in reporting my reads and the constant up and down that is my relationship with Weight Watchers, so I shall try to do better.

I've read alot of good books so far this year, and am currently on book No 2 in the Children Of The Red King series by Jenny Nimmo (a kids series). This came via a recommendation (damn you!!!) and I'm really pleased I found it. Nice and simple which sometimes is all you need.

As for the weight - I haven't been to WW for weeks and weeks, I was away/ill and have totally fallen off the plan. Having my parents here isn't helping as the beer consumption has increased (and I am weak!!!) and now being immobile due to a sprained ankle means I'm eating and getting NO exercise at all.

I must try harder.............

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