Monday, March 01, 2010

Worlds Championship BBQ Cook Off, Houston

I'm sat watching Eng v Ire from the 6 Nations at the weekend as I write this - it's nice to have a little piece of home!

Well, this weekend was our first experience of the real South! Chris left on Tues with our friend Mike to head North to Troy to help Mikes Dad (Frank) and friends load up and then head down to Houston for the cook off proper. Unbelievably, they were working in the snow on Tues night and at some point a snowball fight ensued - no surprises there as boys will be boys! We had a teeny bit of snow here in San Antonio - but it appears my house is in it's own little eco system as I saw none.

So, the boys had 3 nights of freedom and then on Friday, Heather (Mikes wife), their 3 kids, Luke and I headed across to Houston to join them. Remarkably, the 3 hour journey flew by and I send thanks to the Nintendo DS gods for that! Once we were checked into our hotel and the kids all fed, we left them in the capable hands of Marissa (our token teenager) and Heather and I took a crazy cab ride over to Reliant Stadium (the car park of which was the cook-off venue) to join the boys. I don't know what I was expecting but it was mad - 400 (ish) tents all set up to BBQ for 3 days, all with well stocked bars, most with sound systems and even some with live music. Unfortunately, you couldn't just go in to any old tent - you have to be invited, but with abit of blagging and some English charm we got to see a few of the other teams in action. I have to say though, that I think we lucked out - the Blarney Bunch (the team we were with) were just wonderful - very Southern and maybe a little bit rednecked in places, but so welcoming and friendly, and they can certainly BBQ!

Saturday was spent taking the kids around the carnival where they all added to their cuddly toy collections and we all risked whiplash on the good old bumper cars. After the boys spent an hour passing out green Leis to pretty girls we whisked them back to the hotel via McDonalds and settled them again, and then Heather and I rejoined the boys - not in a crazy cab this time but on a free shuttle bus the hotel was providing. Unfortuantely we had to share the ride with some well oiled women!! Imagine the following in a very Southern accent "Mr Driver Man, take us to the Rodeo...........I need to pee so bad"! Add in the fact that I wasn't feeling so great and it was a HUGE relief to finally get there. We didn't drink as much as Friday, but we had a good stab at it.

In summation, we drank too much and ate little other than very nice BBQ! The team unfortunately didn't win anything for the food, but took home both first and second place in the Bloody Mary competition - which netted them the ridiculously large trophy above! We also added to our Facebook friends, which is great and I hope we can see some of them again,

Anyway, a week has passed since I started this post, I have been completely lazy and have no excuses! The past week has been very quiet - but I think spring may have sprung as the theme parks are open again! This week will be spent starting my Spanish resit (more of which another day!), and getting ready for our road trip to San Diego................

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