Monday, February 22, 2010

Pondering vacation choices.........

We've had a pretty quiet time since returning from Austin, although Chris leaves for Houston tomorrow with a friend (I, the friends wife and our kids will join them on Friday) - we are going to some huge BBQ cook-off. I know nothing, only that it will probably get a blog entry to itself!

Anyway, at the moment I am pondering our March road trip to San Diego, and where to go for a summer holiday. The San Diego trip is not proving difficult but I am trying to work out where we should stay in town to maximize our time there. At the moment the Old Town is looking favourite as not only does the tour trolley have a stop there, but we can walk to the bits of that part of town that we want to see.

As for the summer, I really really want to go somewhere and not do anything! Sightseeing is lovely, but I fancy just relaxing by a beach somewhere. I think we may rent a house for a week in Santa Cruz - I've found one online that I like the look of but I'm just waiting for some more info on. Fingers crossed - it looks great, right across the street from the beach, gorgeous looking and has a hot tub in the back yard. It would be great to wake up in the morning, have some breakfast and then spend the day at the beach - all without having to get in the car!

Anyway, watch this space.....................

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