Thursday, February 04, 2010

The First Six Months........

Where has the time gone? This time 6 months ago I was (as I write this it's the 4th Feb) spending my last day at Boulmer, sad at leaving what was possibly the best posting I've ever had, sad at leaving my job but excited about what lay ahead.

I can safely say that it's not been what I thought it would be - we had a wonderful weekend in Washington DC when we first arrived, but came back down to earth with a bump when we got down to Texas: the heat didn't help, and we arrived towards the end of one of the hottest summers on record! I also got here with toothache which resulted in 2 root canals and 4 fillings, our new house needed a new roof, our neighbours got burgled and Chris was away alot. It definitely wasn't all I was hoping it would be.........................

There have been times when I would've gladly got on a plane and come home if someone had offered me a ticket, and living in the suburbs is so different to living in married quarters (especially at Boulmer!) that it took such a long time to adjust. Luke started pre-school and loved it straightaway, but after about a month was asking when we were going back to England and telling me that he missed his friends - I know exactly how he felt!

BUT - we have some new good friends, and have been on 2 family trips so far and are really looking forward to some more (hopefully starting next weekend with a trip to Austin). Luke seems abit more settled now, and while I still really really miss my English friends I have joined the Officer Spouses Club and have made some lovely new friends through there. Chris has had a few political issues at work, but in general is enjoying his new challenge.

So, it's been a mixed 6 months. While I've been writing this, and thinking back to the early days it's made me emotional thinking about the challenges we've had (getting anything done in this country takes FOREVER, which doesn't help!) and the people we don't see anymore, but it's an incredible opportunity and one we intend to grab with both hands.

As an aside - As reading is my main pastime, I'm going to include in my blogs, details of what I'm reading! Currently - DEAD TOMORROW by PETER JAMES (who you should all follow on Twitter - @peterjamesuk )

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