Sunday, May 07, 2006

Back to reality.....

I can't believe that I've been back from NYC for almost a week! Scary how quickly things get back to normal. The trip was fantastic, if tiring, and I can't wait to return. I think I've gushed enough to my husband to convince him that we should all go as a family in a few years.

Luke was brilliant on my return - I thought he would cry when he saw me and make me suffer for leaving him, but he didn't. It was only when I saw them both that I realised how much I'd missed them. And he's walking like such a big boy now. It had been really easy to throw off my "mum" identity and just be "Sarah" again. It didn't take long to switch back though! It was really good to spend some time with Lisa who really surprised me with how much walking she did. She has athritis and I imagine that as soon as she got home she sat still for a good 24 hours!

So, we did all the touristy things (as you do), ate well and drank martinis - that is my one sentence summary of our trip!

Back to reality, and we had the joy of MMR this afternoon. Boy he did not like it!

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